In this fast-paced world, every company seeks to improve the bottom line while working to maximize the time spent on the job. With our Path Optimization and Vehicle Saturation DOT makes it possible for our customers to streamline logistical needs in a way that maximizes time, security, profits and labor costs.


DOT strictly adheres to the highest level of professionalism with our couriers. Our couriers are always dressed in company uniforms that clearly delineate DOT on the uniforms and all vehicles are clearly marked with our logo. All of DOT representatives are trained in every aspect of servicing the customer’s needs. They are professionals with professional attitudes towards the client.


With our "Direct Communication" procedures; our clients experience an unsurpassed business service that builds confidence with DOT. Confidence in knowing that your package stays with a courier until delivered to the recipient.


There are many couriers who can deliver products to their destination. However, our knowledge and expertise in circulation of items allows us to offer the most effective ways to move items and processed them more efficiently. As our business has grown, we have become more adept at providing courier services unmatched anywhere.


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